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Frequently asked questions of our sister societies regarding work registration and distribution at SUISSIMAGE


SUISSIMAGE works with the following tools:

Appendix: Technical Information

We are able to process the following three formats for work registrations:

1.   WRI (XML exchange format by AGICOA, adjusted format for

authors possible)


2.   IDA (XML exchange format by IDA for Author's rights)


3.   SUISSIMAGE Excel import format (only for minor amount of data, all      functions)


1. WRI

Please use this exchange format as it covers all requirements of a work registration (numerous work data, precise claim definition, series and seasons structures as well as information on participants).

We kindly ask you for the following format enhancement: Please add a <Fct> tag in the <Rgt> block of your XML-file and specify the respective functions of rightholders consistently, cf. the example on our website.


2. IDA

If you are already registering with IDA we are able to extract your data by an IDA-database export.


3. Excel

As last alternative we offer to process Excel files with specific structure.

On request we gladly provide an Excel file template in which you can fill in your data.


With all formats it is indispensable that you provide unambiguous work identification numbers which will be stable over years. If you have more identification numbers in your database, you are requested to export them as well (IDA, ISAN, IPI, PPS Broadcast ID's, intern address-numbers, etc.).


Moreover, we ask you to add an explanation of the used internal abbreviations of type/genre categories as well as functions of participants to your work registration. For country- and language-codes use the ISO-standards.


In case your registration does not comply with our requirements, we will send you your registration back for correction of the format. We offer to do this task in-house; however, we will have to deduct the ensuing costs from your payment.


For technical questions, please contact Ronald Schnetzer